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So, if you use that up in one tankā€¦ you will want to purchase gas for the rest of the month using a credit card that earns you money back! These five questions will help you ensure you are maximizing your gas usage and getting the most for your money! For every 3. Do you often drive over 55mph? Did you know that there is a diminishing return on how fast you drive your vehicle? Basically, any speed over 55 mph is going to use up more fuel at a higher rate.

Actually, going 55 mph versus 65 mph will save you up to 7 mpg in gas consumption! Do you drive smoothly? Ask yourself if you speed up quickly or take corners too quickly or speed up just to break for a stoplight.

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This will save you mpg in gas consumption! Do you use Premium Grade Gas? Some people think always buying premium gas extends the life of their engine. Unless your car specifies premium fuel you should use regular, which will give you an automatic savings of about 20 cents per gallon!

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Do you start up and drive off? Engines run most efficiently when they are warm, so let the motor run a couple minutes before taking off. So there you have it! Share Pin Gas just seems like one of those expenses you have to pay no matter the cost.

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When you use a Gift Card to pay, that enacts the cash price and you get the best deal! Get 1, bonus Fuel Bucks with 12 qualifying new, transferred or refilled prescriptions for all Food City Wellness Club members Wellness Club membership is free.

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Qualifying prescriptions only. See Pharmacist for details.

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On select days you will have an opportunity to redeem your Fuel Bucks for even more savings at the pump! Fuel Bucks earned will expire at the end of the next month or during the promotional period. Oldest Fuel Bucks are automatically redeemed first. Food City ValuCard must be scanned at pump or presented to cashier at time of purchase to receive or redeem Fuel Bucks. Fuel Bucks earned will be visible on register receipt or online in your dashboard. Excludes: tobacco, lottery tickets, videos, fuel, stamps, money orders and sales tax. Log in or register and save more on your purchase with the Food City ValuCard and coupons.

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You're within 25 miles of a GoCart Shopping Service location. To use our GoCart Shopping Service, simply set your store to a Food City store offering GoCart, shop the website, select a pick-up time, and we'll have your order ready to load into your car when you arrive. Learn more here. Do not show this again.

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Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Welcome Login or Register Menu. ZIP code or City, State. How It Works Save on the items you use most with ValuCard only pricing, plus earn Fuel Bucks that can be redeemed for even more great savings! Find a Gas 'N Go near you. Up to 20 gallons.

Pharmacy Fuel Bucks Get 25 bonus Fuel Bucks with qualifying new, transferred or refilled prescriptions.