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If you have ad blockers on your browser, it may prevent Honey from working properly. You can simply disable your ad blockers and refresh the page to get it working. CouponFollow uses an extension called Cently, and is currently only available to use with Google Chrome.

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I have near heard about this browser extension before. Does it really show similar sellers with the only difference being the price? Or, is there any catch, like longer delivery time, slightly different specifications from the original one, etc.? I do not believe it compares delivery time or if there are slightly different specifications. I think the only comparison it makes is in price. You could try reading that section more thoroughly than I did to see if you find anything I missed.

BYE COUPONS! Honey Chrome Extension Review 2019

Also, at the bottom of that section is an email address as well as a mailing address for questions. You could always email them and ask. Good luck and thanks for asking that question! I found the app to be essentially useless. Most of the time it showed that I had the lowest price already for the Amazon product and the times it found a cheaper option it was by pennies.

  1. Honey Chrome Extension Review: Scam or Legit? ( Update)?
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  3. Honey Chrome Extension Review: Scam or Legit? ( Update)?
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  6. I got tired of waiting for the app to complete its cycling time only to provide nothing of real value, so I deleted it. I had no idea how legit this was. It does help find coupon codes sometimes. I just redeemed my points for a 40 dollar Amazon gift card. I just got free money for doing nothing! I just got the email. It was a pleasant surprise, to be honest.

    It saves me money and makes me money! Thanks for your positive comments! This app has saved me nothing after months of tries. But, it has caused lockouts and lost time, and has caused lost deals due to wasting time trying to get out of Honey and back to the offer without Honey.

    Honey is a bad joke. I recently started getting ads popping up on webpages. The ads are caused by a Chrome extension call called Coupon Companion. I have went to the control panel and uninstalled it there.

    How to Apply Coupon Codes with Honey Chrome Extension - Kumar Janglu

    However, it is still in Chrome. I have gone into Chrome extensions and tried to delete the extension from there. As I have seen others post, the box for Coupon Companion is checked, it is grayed out and cannot be unchecked. Google Chrome Unsure which version of Chrome you are using? Your version number will be listed on the first line.


    Malware modifies your Windows settings to use a proxy server to prevent you from browsing the web with IE. If you still can't install SpyHunter? View other possible causes of installation issues. Registry Details Coupon Simplified Chrome Extension creates the following registry entry or registry entries:. This article should NOT be mistaken or confused in being associated in any way with the promotion or endorsement of malware.

    Using Honey Chrome Extension

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    Coupon Simplified Chrome Extension

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