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In November the Salvation Army US-wide rescinded the Western Territory's decision with an announcement that it would only provide benefits coverage for different-sex spouses and dependent children of its employees. In , the Salvation Army said that it would close operations in New York City unless it was exempted from a municipal ordinance requiring them to offer benefits to gay employees' partners.

The City Council refused to make the exemption. Mayor Michael R. The administration's right to decline to enforce the ordinance was upheld by the New York State Court of Appeals in On 15 December , in Canada, Andrea Le Good noticed a Salvation Army bell-ringer carrying a sign reading "if you support gay rights : please do not donate".

While the bell-ringer claimed he had permission from the charity to wear the sign, Salvation Army spokeswoman Kyla Ferns said that it had no part in the sign, and that the bell-ringer was pulled away immediately when the charity learned about it. The same document also states that there is no scriptural support for the mistreatment of homosexuals. In February , the Salvation Army in the United Kingdom publicly opposed the repeal of Section 28 of the Local Government Act , which prevented local authorities from "intentionally promot[ing] homosexuality".

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As well as having a right to be dealt with professionally, people can expect from us encouragement and a respect for their individual beliefs, ambitions and preferences". Before the passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Act by the New Zealand Parliament , the Salvation Army was active throughout New Zealand gathering signatures for a petition seeking to prevent the bill's passing.

In , the Army released a statement regretting the ill feelings that persisted following this activity. It stated in part "We do understand though that The Salvation Army's official opposition to the Reform Bill was deeply hurtful to many, and are distressed that ill-feeling still troubles our relationship with segments of the gay community. We regret any hurt that may remain from that turbulent time and our present hope is to rebuild bridges of understanding and dialogue between our movement and the gay community. The statement does not address any documented news events of discrimination and claims to debunk these events as urban myth.

A positional statement on the Salvation Army UK and Ireland site stated but has since been taken down :. The Salvation Army teaches that sexual acts should take place only in a monogamous heterosexual marriage, believing that this reflects God's intentions for sexual behaviour and provides the best environment for raising children.

The positional statement is, however, intended explicitly for members of the Salvation Army [] and the Salvation Army mission statement as of states:. The Salvation Army stands against homophobia, which victimises people and can reinforce feelings of alienation, loneliness and despair.

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We want to be an inclusive church community where members of the LGBT community find welcome and the encouragement to develop their relationship with God Our international mission statement is very clear on this point when it says we will "meet human needs in [Jesus'] name without discrimination". Anyone who comes through our doors will be welcomed with love and service, based on their need and our capacity to provide.

As of late , activists were still calling on the Salvation Army to change its stance on LGBT issues, citing ongoing discrimination. As of April , the Inclusion page on the official UK website states that the Salvation Army stands against homophobia and does not permit discrimination in its employment practices or delivery of care. During the Christmas season, the Salvation Army in Calgary, Alberta, refused to accept toys based on the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises because of a perceived conflict with the organisation's religious principles. One volunteer claimed that the toys were destroyed instead of being given to other agencies.

The volunteer also criticised the Salvation Army for accepting violence-themed toys such as plastic rifles while not accepting Harry Potter or Twilight toys. A Salvation Army captain said that the toys were given to other organisations, not disposed of. One captain called the series "a classic story of good winning over evil". The advocacy group called on the public to cease donations to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army responded that their prisoner visitation program was established over a century ago and that they provided these particular services as contractors to the federal and provincial government, as such no charitable donations were spent on the program.

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In , the Salvation Army's New York division was named in a lawsuit filed by 18 current and former employees of its social service arm, claiming that the organisation asked about the religious and sexual habits of employees in programs funded by local and state government. One member claimed the organisation forced them to agree "to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ". While the employment-discrimination portion of the lawsuit was dismissed in , government agencies agreed in a settlement to set up monitoring systems to ensure that the Army did not violate church-state separation in its publicly funded projects.

The organisation did not dispute allegations that nine-year-olds in a city-funded foster care program were put through a "confirmation-like" ceremony, where they were given Bibles and prayed over. From the s to the s the Salvation Army in Australia sheltered approximately 30, children.

Salvation army daily deals

In the Australian division of the Salvation Army acknowledged that sexual abuse may have occurred during this time and issued an apology. In it, the Army explicitly rejected a claim, made by a party unnamed in the apology, that there were as many as potential claimants. The investigation also examined the Salvation Army's processes in investigating, disciplining, removing and transferring anyone accused of or found to have engaged in child sexual abuse in these homes.

The Royal Commission published a case study report on the findings and recommendations for one of the above-mentioned case studies. The Salvation Army is only briefly shown or discussed in these movies such as a bell ringer on the corner in the movie Maid in Manhattan , and briefly mentioned in Batman Begins. One of the films included was a documentary called Inauguration of the Australian Commonwealth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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March Learn how and when to remove this template message. London portal Christianity portal. The Salvationists. The Salvation Army International. Retrieved 29 March The Salvation Army. Retrieved 12 March Madagascar became the th country in which the Salvation Army is currently serving, as work was officially inaugurated in the African island nation on 23 October Commissioner Joash Malabi, Territorial Commander of The Salvation Army's Zimbabwe Territory — which is overseeing the new work — conducted the opening ceremony in the town of Alakamisy.

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